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The 'Marilyn' V TieGa ™® Menswear worn by Ray Davies Proms in Hyde Park videos enc




You can email: info@atelierlouiseaustin.com for all enquiries.

The 'Marilyn' V TieGa ™® in micro sequin. Black, white & loads of colours to suit. As worn by Ray Davies Proms In the Park September 9th 2017. Press link https://stephenwilliamslondon.wordpress.com

Luxurious unisex black tie accessory neckwear brand with a twist - TieGa™ ® (pronounced as Tiger) Mix and match. Made in Britain. 

If you have a preference to show a little cleavage, this fine number ties with long straps in a V shape around the neck at a length you desire.  Daywear. It can be produced in micro sequin in many colour preferences. 

Mens and Ladieswear edition

Textile: Micro Sequin on black net or respective colour

Style: V
Colour: Black, White, endless choices
Length: 61 cm with 69 cm straps or to desired fit - 130cm
Width: 18 cm

Note: Front and back to allow versatile wearability and bespoke backing and comfortability can be designed and produced. Care and composition label is pinned on to give you a choice to keep or remove it to best go with your outfit.
Washability: Cool hand wash. Lay flat.

Does not crease.


Can be made shorter but we have found it suits all heights and breast sizes equally well due to the cut and shape.

1 black in stock May 2018. 1 shorter white. Can be made on order.





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